• With CSR now an integral aspect of corporate strategy, it’s essential for companies to demonstrate the action they are taking on emissions, labour conditions, and supply chain transparency. Helping them to tell the story of ethically driven initiatives has never been more critical. Examples include a climate change positioning document for Cobham, viewpoints for The Carbon Trust and a report highlighting the positive global impacts of the Cargill Cocoa Promise.
  • Content and Tone – Editing is not just about putting commas in the right place. For long-form reporting in particular, it’s about harmonising tone when multiple authors have contributed copy, and ensuring that content not only clearly incorporates key messages but also relays a meaningful and cohesive narrative. From government ministries undertaking significant (and sometimes controversial) projects to businesses aiming to maintain their market-leading edge, Katharine has helped collate and refine hundreds of pages of material into captivating, on-message content.

    Translation – English may not be the first language for many international executives, but it’s still the global language of business – and most companies need to attract global investment interest. Editing corporate communications in translation entails finessing copy so that it makes sense to an English-speaking audience and upholds the strong performance summary expressed in its original form. Companies for whom Katharine has undertaken such work include Norilsk Nickel, Aeroflot, Russian Railways, and Sisal.
  • Specialising in news and arts coverage, over the past 15 years, Katharine has interviewed renowned writers and senior politicians; toured shipyards and hospital wards, lounged at luxury hotels and once infamously covered a food fight on a suburban bus. Publications she has written for include The Jewish Chronicle, Education UK, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver magazine, The Province, the National Post, The Tyee and the Vancouver Sun. Here is a selection of political, business, and arts stories.
  • During a two-year stint with the strategic communications firm Lucent Strategies, Katharine worked extensively on large-scale infrastructure projects: wind farms, new roads and public buildings where carbon footprinting was at the top of the agenda. Since then she has written for some of the leading voices in sustainability, including thought-pieces for The Carbon Trust, press releases for Forewind and case studies promoting the benefits of small wind for Renewable UK.
  • Because online audiences often have less time to spare than print readers, they want to find information quickly, easily, and in bite-sized pieces. That’s why it’s vital to present your company’s selling points in snappy prose that is maximised for both usability and search engine optimisation. Katharine has written and edited web copy for clients from a wide range of sectors, including IT (Gladstone Health & Leisure), industry (Schäfer & Urbach) tourism (Tourism British Columbia), and professional services (Fusion Integration; De Spéville Solicitors).